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New Legal Advice Hotline for Domestic Violence Victims

State, County Officials Secure Funding

Beginning Friday, domestic violence victims will have a new hotline to call for legal advice. It took state and Hinds County officials more than a year to secure funding for the hotline, which is 1-877 609-9911.

It will be staffed by lawyers and domestic violence counselors, and law enforcement officers from across the state will hand out a card with this number on it at every domestic call they answer.“It provides a toll-free number that victims can call and speak with a trained lawyer about what they need to do there are also other domestic violence advocates,” said Dept. of Public Safety Commissioner Steve Simpson.

Sandy Middleton runs the Center for Violence Prevention. She said she sees domestic violence victims every day who don’t know how to navigate custody battles and divorces and spend weeks waiting to get legal aid.“During this time, stalking can happen. Threats can happen. A lot of potentially dangerous things happen.”

Middleton said she hopes the hotline will allow women to get the legal advice and emotional support they need to get out before it’s too late.