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Man Charged In Wife’s Death Convicted Of Hitting Her

Man Charged In Wife’s Death Convicted Of Hitting Her

Pendleton Had Been Sentenced To Probation
POSTED: 3:50 pm CST December 7, 2010
UPDATED: 5:18 pm CST December 7, 2010

BROOKHAVEN, Miss. — A bond hearing was postponed on Tuesday for a Brookhaven man accused in his wife’s death.

A judge granted a request for more time from a newly hired attorney for James Pendleton.

Pendleton is charged with murder and is accused of shooting his wife, Gail Coone Pendleton, 29, to death on Saturday, police said. Investigators said when officers arrived at the couple’s home after the shooting, James Pendleton walked out with his hands up and said, “I did it.”

According to District Attorney Dee Bates, Brookhaven police arrested James Pendleton last month for hitting his wife.

Resident Connie Page was in court in November for a traffic ticket on the day James Pendleton appeared in court. She said the judge didn’t order James Pendleton to stay away from his wife Gail.

“He said if they can’t get along, then they shouldn’t be around each other,” Page said. “(Pendleton) said they lived together, so there was no way they couldn’t be around each other.”

Gail Coone Pendleton More

James Pendleton was charged with a misdemeanor and sentenced to six months of probation. Bates said the only prior arrests James Pendleton had were for a trespassing charge and a public drunkenness charge in the 90s. A bad check writing charge was dropped against him in 2007, court officials said.

Bates said there were indications that James Pendleton would later be accused in his wife’s slaying.

“I am sure the officers did what they were trained to do when they went there. I am sure unfortunately, you go from a misdemeanor to a felony, so it’s a tragic situation. Obviously if the officers would have known what they know today, things could have potentially been different, but we don’t know what the future brings,” Bates said.

Brookhaven Police Chief “Pap” Henderson said victims have to use common sense.

“Someone has got to have enough sense to walk away,” Henderson told 16 WAPT News on Monday.

“Perhaps the victim was not aware of the services available to her,” said Sandy Middleton of the Center for Violence Prevention.

Middleton said she worries that the chief’s message might discourage victims of domestic violence from seeking help. She said, by law, all agencies are required to let victims know they have options.

“And to pave a way to let them know they have some different choices than remaining in the violence,” Middleton said.

Middleton said that there are options for victims of domestic violence to get help by calling 800-266-4198.

James Pendleton was being held without bond Tuesday at the Lincoln County Jail. He’s scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 14.

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