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Children’s Rights (printable copy)


By admin | Published May 6, 2010 childrensrights

Every Child has the following Rights:
The right to be treated as important human beings, with unique feelings, ideas and desires and not as a source of argument between parents.
The right to a sense of security and belonging derived from a loving and nurturing environment which shelters them from harm.
The right to “listening” parents.
The right to continuing care and guidance from both parents where they can be educated in mind, nourished in spirit, and developed in body, in an environment of unconditional love.
The right to be a kid and to be insulated from the conflict and problems of parents.
The right to be taught according to their developmental levels, to understand values, to assume responsibility for their actions, and to cope with the just consequences of their choices.
The right to be able to participate in their own destiny and ;
The Right to Live!

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