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Assessing Lethality of Batterers (printable copy)


By admin | Published May 6, 2010 assessing_lethality_of_batterers

There is no tool that can accurately predict when or if a batterer will attempt or succeed in committing murder. Research suggests that the following characteristics were often present prior to domestic homicide and should be considered as antecedents to such. This assessment should be used as a tool to provide victims and victim services with a rational depiction of the batterer’s dangerousness. The absence of one or most of the characteristics, however, does not indicate a lack of dangerousness. Taking into consideration the information collected by the assessment, a victim safety plan should be created to maximize their safety. Note that all batterers should be considered dangerous and potential perpetrators of homicide regardless of the number of characteristics they exhibit. This worksheet will help gauge a batterer’s level of violence.

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