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“Why don’t they leave?”

(the most common question)

  • Fear of reprisal, shame or humiliation keeps victims trapped in violent homes.
  • Abusers commonly deny responsibility for their behavior by blaming the victim for the abuse.
  • Victims are given strong incentives to stay—such as threats of harm, and threats against the victim’s children, friends and family.
  • Victims are urged to take responsibility for the violence and blame themselves.
  • In seeking help from agencies in the community, too often victims are greeted with responses that encourage reuniting with the batterer or minimizing the abuse.
  • Victims are subdued and discouraged by unsuccessful help-seeking and they learn to suffer in silence and isolation.

Did you know…

It’s a crime to threaten, beat or sexually assault any person, even if they are married.

Domestic violence is more than just a family problem—it’s a CRIME.

Battering is not a crime exclusively committed against women, but they do constitute the majority of victims.

A way out

Everyone has the right to be safe from threats and violence—but YOU must take the first step. Once you recognize that it’s NOT YOUR FAULT, and it IS possible to change your  situation, seek the help you need.

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Assessing Lethality of Batterers
Children’s Rights
Effects of Domestic Violence on Children
Effects  on Children – PDF Printable copy
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It’s Not Your Fault
Judgment Wheel
Power Control Wheel
Safety  Plan
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Warning Signs for Batterers and Victims

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