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Domestic Abuse Intervention Program
Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Abuse

A Batterer’s Intervention Program (BIP) is an integral tool of a coordinated community response to domestic abuse and focuses on accountability for batterers with a priority on victim safety. For more information on our Domestic Abuse Intervention Program call Ben Ellard at 601-503-4881.

Using the nationally respected Duluth Model our goals will:

  • Ensure safety for the partners of group participants while working to end domestic abuse by creating a culture of deterrence.
  • Ensure the program is collaborating with the justice system, human service providers, and battered women’s programs.
  • Teach offenders alternatives to coercive, controlling, and abusive behavior in intimate relationships.

How it works

  • Perpetrators are court-ordered into the 24-week educational program designed to confront the abuser with his abusive conduct.
  • Eight themes, based on the Duluth Model and promoting non-abusive behavior, are presented by a male and female
  • Trained facilitators are compensated for each session with fees collected from the perpetrator.

BIP Program Philosophy

  • Abuse is intentional.
  • Battering is a system of abusive behaviors that are used to maintain control.
  • Most cultures have supported male dominance in families.
  • Individual men can change.
  • Except in cases of self-defense, there are always alternatives to abuse.

BIP Program Content

  • Participants are encouraged to take full responsibility for their behavior.
  • Facilitators respectfully challenge existing sexist beliefs and attitudes.
  • Groups support the men to change controlling and abusive behavior.
  • Facilitators challenge minimization, denial, and blame.
  • The group process is compassionate but not colluding.
  • Facilitators teach men to develop relationships with women based upon equality.