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About Us

The Center for Violence Prevention has a twenty-four hour crisis and referral line to assist in immediate needs.  Trained personnel will provide a wide range of references and resources.
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The Center for Violence Prevention serves Claiborne, Copiah, Hinds, Issaquena, Madison, Rankin, Sharkey, Simpson, Warren and Yazoo Counties.

We are funded through federal and state grants, private foundations, businesses, civic organizations, churches and individuals who believe everyone has the right to violence-free living.

The Center for Violence Prevention’s Annual Report:

2010 Annual Report

Annual Report 2011

The Center for Violence Prevention’s Board of Directors listing:

 Eugene Sylvester, Board President

 Candice Garnett, Board Secretary

 Fred Middleton, Board Member

 Pam Johnson, Board Member

 Sandy Middleton, Executive Director

2012 Advisory Board Members are:

Janice Knight, Mary Libby Payne, Connie Smith, Constance Garnett,
Allison McMahon, Sandy Bettiga, Richard Lawrence, Reginald Cooper,
Steve Pickett, Christy Harrison, Brandi White, Tamra Morgan, Jane Temple,
Whitney Adams, Katrine Gibbs, Tiffany Graves, Julietez Mendez,
Rita Rogers, Kathy Dearman, Joe Little, Dennis Herrington,
Sandy Middleton, Marilyn Tinnin, Sara Williams, Sweyn Simrall,
Donna Sims, Angela Dallas, Grace Greene, Beth Byrd, Beth Colbert, and
Lynn Hoseman