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10th Annual Chick Ball

Our annual Chick Ball is set for Saturday, July 19, 2014 at the Arts Center of Mississippi in downtown Jackson. This is the TENTH year the Jackson Free Press has charitably and skillfully organized this wonderful event to benefit our domestic violence shelter and programs in the Metro-Area.
As I’m sure you are aware, domestic violence and human trafficking occurrences continue to rise in the Central Mississippi area, as we are hearing almost daily about another woman or child whose life has been negatively impacted by it. Domestic violence and human trafficking crosses all socio-economic, racial and cultural boundaries. The Center for Violence Prevention offers hope and a chance for a new life for these victims, as we offer a 24-hour crisis line and an open door to those in need.

After becoming a part of our program, these clients can take advantage of a full-service organization and staff, which assists them as they start a new life free from violence and fear. It is our privilege to stand beside these ladies and their children as they weave their way through the legal process and seek other forms of assistance. Our case managers and social workers help them improve job skills, find jobs, and even teach them how to be a better parent. In addition, our therapist works with the ladies and their children both individually and on the group level to sort through issues and problems.

Past Chick Ball events have resulted in the purchase of a new mini-van for client transportation, the launch of the Batterer’s Intervention Program, and legal assistance for victims. Proceeds from the 2013 Chick Ball were used in addressing an emerging issue in our area-Human Trafficking, which is also known as modern day slavery. Trafficking hinges on the notion that one person’s life, liberty and fortune can be under the absolute control of another, and be sold, bought, or used at the will of the owner. The Center has pledged to change that, and with continued help from the JFP and community, we can reach out to these victims as they face this traumatic occurrence.

In honor of 10 years of community support for the Chick Ball, proceeds from the 2014 event will go to boost each and every program offered by the Center from prevention, to protection and ultimately, empowerment.